Having grown up around the world, from her youngest age, Cecile explored nature and wilderness. As self-taught artist, her work quickly focused on color, while exploring different techniques. Cecile is an award-winning artist who has exhibited her work in France and in the United Kingdom. Today, she gets her inspiration by confronting memories of travel with the emotions of the traveler. The free element of her paintings grows from opening up to the unexpected and welcoming the evocation of a bold and powerful nature, perspectives and light, the ways in which travelers view unexpected, sometimes uncomfortably wild natural spaces such as the ocean or rainforest.

Cecile favours the use of strong colours and plays with intensity and shadows to bring light into the canvas. With a single instrument, a painter's knife, she sculpts the matter on the canvas and let the viewer imagine the artist's hand and gesture, opening the door to witness an intimacy that is often hidden. 

Always keeping in mind that every single atom in the universe is but a fragment of something bigger, a part which only makes sense when you look at the whole picture, she takes the viewer from a seemingly academic way of painting, to paint and paper, to the deconstructing of the image through shredding, and rebuilding through weaving, mirroring the perpetual cycle of nature.

This creates pieces of art representing a world that cannot be tamed or flattened. By linking every strip to another, she works to turn fragments, shards of color, into the multi-layered vision that one experiences while standing on the edge of wilderness, a place that is messy and ephemeral, unrepeatable. These works challenge simple ideas about how we see nature, holding it as a fragile place: in fact, it is resilient, bold, even overgrown. It lives and dies in the same moment, in chaos, never standing still.

The final result invites a sensory experience, where the eye gets lost in exploration, proposing to enter another dimension where the disorder and the ephemeral are mixed in a fragmented and impressionistic vision, which reminds the spectator of the strange amazement the traveler experiences when he doesn't yet know what he is contemplating, yet feels a sense of belonging to something bigger.

Exhibitions :

2012 - Carpe Diem Gallery, Paris (France)

2016 - Salon des Arts Visuels, Paris (France) - Winner of the Public’s Award

2017 - Candid Arts Trust, London (United Kingdom)

2018 - Jona Quest Art Gallery, Greenwich (United Kingdom)