Growing up around the world, Cecile explored Europe, Asia and North America. From her youngest age, she was interested in drawing and painting, and quickly focused her work on color, while exploring different techniques. As self-taught artist, Cecile gets her inspiration by confronting memories of travel with the emotions of the traveler. The free element of her paintings grows from opening up to the unexpected and welcoming the evocation of a bold and powerful nature, perspectives and light, the ways in which travelers view unexpected, sometimes uncomfortably wild natural spaces such as the ocean or rainforest.

Cecile is inspired by abstractionism and the work of the Impressionist masters, as well as travel photography. In October 2016, at the Salon des Arts Visuels in Paris, she received the Public's Award for her work on an emotional map, a series of seven paintings coming together as an abstract planisphere of seven sub-continents.

To express the character of nature, she uses strong colors and plays with intensity and shadows to bring light into the canvas. With a single instrument, a painter's knife, she sculpts the matter on the canvas, and lets the viewer imagine the artist's hand and gesture, opening the door to witness an intimacy that is often hidden. 

The paintings represent a nature that cannot be photographed, cannot be flattened. By building up layers of pigment, she works to turn fragments, shards of color, into the multilayered vision that one experiences while standing on the edge of wilderness, a place that is messy and ephemeral, unrepeatable. These paintings challenge simple ideas about how we see nature, holding it as a fragile place : in fact, it is resilient, bold, even overgrown. It lives and dies in the same moment, in chaos, never standing still.

The final work invites a sensory experience, where the eye touches a real relief, proposing to enter another dimension where the disorder and the ephemeral are mixed in a fragmented and impressionistic vision, which reminds the spectator before the canvas of the strange amazement the traveler experiences when he doesn't yet know what he is contemplating.